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What to do with a Sweet Potato? Make it Into a Potato Smiley

What do you need to do in making a potato smiley? For sure it is a potato. On the other hand, potato has many ‘relatives’, including people’s favorite: a sweet potato. There are many variation in serving a sweet potato, but mostly it is steamed or fried. Combining potato smiley with sweet potato can be nice too. Have you tried it? If not, let’s check the recipe below!

What to do with a Sweet Potato? Make it Into a Potato Smiley

Ingredient for a Sweet Potato Smiley
Just like all the potato smiley’s recipe, all you need are simple ingredient! First, prepare 3 medium size of sweet potato. Then, prepare 1 tablespoon of red chili powder (if you like it a bit hot and spicy), 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, 2 tablespoon of chopped cilantro, and a pinch of salt. Add 1 cup any flour based on you own preference. To make a smiley face, prepare a straw and spoon. You don’t need to prepare oil, since this recipe is baked.

Let’s Start making Sweet Potato Smiley!
First of all, wash the sweet potato and peel its skin. Then, wrap it with aluminum foil and roast in in the microwave or oven for some minutes. Put it aside in a large bowl, and mashed it until it is smooth. Now, let’s start to add the spices. Add a pinch of salt to the dough. If you like to be a bit hot, add the chili powder to it and mix it well. Then, add the garlic powder and the chopped cilantro. Last, but not least, add the flour or root powder, little by little and mix it until it is smooth.
Make the smiley face by divide the dough into smaller smooth balls. Then, flat each ball so it turns to be a disc shape. Use the straw to make two eyes, and use the tip of the spoon to create a smile in its face.

Preheat the oven into 180c. Arrange the dough in the tray and bake it for 30 minutes. Arrange it nicely in the plate, and it is ready to serve!

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