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Potato Smiley Never Goes Wrong for Your Kid’s Snack

Your kid starts to be a picky eater? They barely touch the main dish and craving for more sweets and unhealthy snacks. There is this one dish that can help you, parents! This is Potato Smiley! Made from potato which has enough carbohydrate, it can be paired with soup or veggie to make it healthier. So, let’s check out the recipe!

Potato Smiley Never Goes Wrong for Your Kid’s Snack

What You Need in Making PotatoSmiley?
The main ingredient to make potato smileyfor sure is the boiled potato as the ingredient. You can use one big potato or two/ three small potatoes. For the spices, prepare a pinch of salt (for taste), ½ tea spoon of pepper or chili powder, and 3 table spoon of corn flour. You may add 2 table spoon of grated cheese for more flavor. Also prepare oil, because it will be deep fried. For shaping the doung, prepare straw and spoon.

Some tips that might be useful: It takes longer time to boil or steam the potato, so you can also bake it in the oven or microwave. People can peel it before or after cooking. Make sure you wash it thoroughly if you don’t plan to peel it when you cook it.
Let’s Start Cooking Potato Smiley!

First of all, prepare all of your ingredient. Take out the peeled potatoes and grate it first. It will make you easier to mash it. Add a pinch of salt to the mashed potato. If you are a fan of spicy food, add the chili powder to it and mixed it thoroughly again. Add the corn flour and knead it. Add some cheese to it. Mix it until it is soft and well-mixed.

Divide the dough into smaller portion equally. Shape them into smaller balls, them make them flat into a disc shaped. Take the straw and make two holes to create the eyes. For the smiley face, use the tip of the spoon. Last, deep fry it in the pan, and tada…the smiley potato is ready to serve!

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