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Potato Smiley And Barbeque Sauce

No need to get confused once you got your friends are on their way to your home to enjoy some good time with you. If you are worrying about what dishes you should serve for them while you do not have enough interesting stuff in your fridge, you can just get your McCain Smiles.
Yes, you read out the right words. McCain Smiles would help you a lot whenever you are in need of a great snack for everybody. This snack is so great that you can even have a big and tasty meal with your pals. Why? Because you would have to mix them with some of your barbeque sauce!
Potato Smiley And Barbeque Sauce

Take Notes Of These Ingredients
Do not worry about the smiley faces whether or not it is perfect to serve to your pals, because basically your friends are going to like them, with some barbeque sauce on it. So, you are going to prepare for 16 pieces of McCain Smiles, though you can have more if you expect bigger portion. Complete the ingredients with 4 slices of American cheese which later cut into quarters and 2 ounces barbeque sauce.

Now How To Cook It
The prepared ingredients would later be basically all mixed up, but before that you surely need to have your potato smiley processed first. Follow the instructions as stated on the package while baking the potato smiley.

Then, once the baking time ended, remove them from the oven and just simply pour down your barbeque sauce on top of it. Try to have them cover your smileys and complete the dish by sprinkling the quarters of cheese on the smiley-sauced.

No, it is not done yet, because you would need to reheat all the things you have mixed in the oven. Only then you would find the cheese melted and looking so good to serve to your pals on a large platter.

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