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Make For Yourselves: Potato Smiley Chili Con Queso

This would be a chic and simple snack to eat in your free time, together with some pals, chitchatting about things from A to Z. Yes, this would be definitely a good idea to make, using some pieces of your McCain Smiles you have in your fridge. You might not guess how tasty your Smileys could be.
But how can you change your McCain Smiles into something breathtakingly delicious? No need to think much about what ingredients tasting nice with the Smiles, because even some Con Queso can be a very good company for the cute potato snack.
Make For Yourselves: Potato Smiley Chili Con Queso

Simple Stuff To Prepare
Well, it actually depends much on your desire, once you ask about how many pieces of potato smiley you would need to have this con queso mix. But, we recommend you have 16 pieces of them. They are more than enough to help you make your free time fun. Do not forget to prepare 1 cup of salsa con queso and if you are a fan of chili then ½ cup of canned chili would be so great to add to your meal.

How To Cook
Cannot you guess how is this going to be? Well, okay let us just make everything clear. You would need to prepare the potato smiley as it is instructed on the package. Follow the directions so that you could have the best-tasted McCain Smiles.

Later, mix the con queso with the canned chili in a bowl. Get the right texture before you can heat them up in a microwave for about 1-2 minutes. So simple right? Now that you have the con queso processed, just pour it onto you potato smiles on a platter. No doubt that this meal is going to be one of your families’ favorite dish. Con Queso and potato smiles are just lovely companies to one another.

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