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Healthy Option for a Potato Smiley Recipe

There are many tempting food recipe over there, especially for the popular yet simple thing like potato smiley. However, by looking at the frozen pack sold in the market, you start to think about it over again. Especially when you want to make it for your kids, of course you want to make it healthier.  Here, we have some option to replace the ordinary recipe of potato smiley without reducing its tastiness. Ready, start, go!

Healthy Option for a Potato Smiley Recipe

The Replacement Ingredients for Potato Smiley
Since it is potato smiley, you cannot replace the potato unless with its family like sweet potato. Prepare two large potato. The stay-the-same ingredients are pinch of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder, and ½ teaspoon of garlic powder. If you use potato, not a sweet potato, you can add little turmeric powder.

Now, what to add or replace to make it healthier? First, never use frozen smiley potato, and make your own smiley potato since it is so easy. Second, no frying—we are going to bake it and the taste is still wonderful. When the original recipe use the cornstarch as the additional ingredient to the dough, you can replace it by adding 3 tablespoon of arrow root powderfor a healthier option. In addition to that, you can add chopped vegetables like carrot or broccoli to be mixed with the dough.

Steps to make a Healthy Potato Smiley
Mashed your potato until it is smooth. Then, start to add all the spices from salt, garlic powder, and turmeric powder. You can add the chili powder if you like it to be spicy. Next, add the chopped vegetables to the dough (make sure it is chopped very small to create a nice shape of potato smiley). Little by little add the arrow root powder, and mix them well.

While shaping the dough, preheat the oven into 200C. Shape the dough into smaller balls and flat it to shape a disc. Make the eyes using straw and the mouth using the tip of the spoon. Then, bake it for about 25 minutes until the color change into golden brown!

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