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How to Make Potato Pancake

Everyone loves pancake since it’s easy to make and doesn’t take much time to cook. You can create pancake from potato, too. There’s a recipe that’s called potato pancakes German style that you can try. It doesn’t take much time to make this kind of potato. You only need to prepare the ingredients for around 15 minutes and cook it for only 6 minutes for each pancake.
How to Make Potato Pancake

Ingredients to Make Potato Pancake
There are some ingredients you need to prepare to make potato pancake. They include 3 pounds of potatoes (peeled), 3 beaten eggs, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1 tbs of parsley, 1 large onion (quartered), ½ cup of flour (all-purpose flour), and 1 tsp of salt. For the salt, you can add it based on your taste actually.

Directions to Make Potato Pancake
The first step to make potato pancake is preparing cold water in a large bowl. Put the peeled potatoes in the cold water until they are ready to grate using the food processor. Then, set the food processor with medium shredding blade and shred both potatoes and onion. After all potatoes and onions are shredded, dry them on the paper towel.

Next, prepare a large bowl to mix the potatoes, flour, eggs, baking powder, salt and parsley. Heat a large frying pan that is poured with 1/8 inch of vegetable oil. By using a cup, try to pour in 1/3 of potato mixture, flat the potato mixture using a wooden spoon and fry it until it turns into golden brown on each side. It takes around 3 minutes for each side of the pancake.

After finish drying the pancakes on the pan, put them on paper towel to make them dry. Then, put them in 100 degree oven to make the texture crispy. You can serve the pancakes with apple sauce or any other sauce in your kitchen. With those ingredients, you can make 6 servings.

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