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Home-Made Potato Smiley For Kiddos

Isn’t it great to eat something too cute too eat? Well, no matter how cute your meal is, do not push yourselves too far not to eat them when you are hungry. And if you do not believe there is cute meals on this world, then what if I tell you about fried potato smiley?
This variant in snacks is quite a distinct option for your kids to add their nutrition supply. Another good thing about offering your kids potato smiley is you can make it by yourselves, right in your kitchen and right from your own fridge!
Home-Made Potato Smiley For Kiddos

Mind These Ingredients
You will go nowhere without taking notes of these ingredients. To make a plate of potato smiley, you would need roughly 2 medium-sized boiled, -3 tablespoons corn starch/corn flour, ¼ tablespoon pepper powder, salt as much as you like but not too much, 1 tablespoon fresh bread crumbs and oil.

Get Down To Your Pan
Before bringing down your pan, you would need to prepare the dough which are made up of the mashed potato, corn starch, bread crumbs, pepper powder and salt in a bowl. Mix them until you got the right texture. Make sure that the dough would not get crumbled or too thick when it is fried.
And now, the fun part, you are going to need to use a circle cookie cutter to have the shape out of it. But first, you would have to roll the dough until it reaches ½ to 1 inch thickness, depending on your taste. 

Go on with adding faces to your round potato. Add smiles and eyes by using the edge of your spoon and straw hole. Now you got your potato smiley, fry them in your pan which you have previously added some oil into it. Take time as much as you think you have got the right color of the potato smiley.

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