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What do you need to do in making a potato smiley? For sure it is a potato. On the other hand, potato has many ‘relatives’, including people’s favorite: a sweet potato. There are many variation in serving a sweet potato, but mostly it is steamed or fried. Combining potato smiley with sweet potato can be nice too. Have you tried it? If not, let’s check the recipe below!

What to do with a Sweet Potato? Make it Into a Potato Smiley

Ingredient for a Sweet Potato Smiley
Just like all the potato smiley’s recipe, all you need are simple ingredient! First, prepare 3 medium size of sweet potato. Then, prepare 1 tablespoon of red chili powder (if you like it a bit hot and spicy), 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, 2 tablespoon of chopped cilantro, and a pinch of salt. Add 1 cup any flour based on you own preference. To make a smiley face, prepare a straw and spoon. You don’t need to prepare oil, since this recipe is baked.

Let’s Start making Sweet Potato Smiley!
First of all, wash the sweet potato and peel its skin. Then, wrap it with aluminum foil and roast in in the microwave or oven for some minutes. Put it aside in a large bowl, and mashed it until it is smooth. Now, let’s start to add the spices. Add a pinch of salt to the dough. If you like to be a bit hot, add the chili powder to it and mix it well. Then, add the garlic powder and the chopped cilantro. Last, but not least, add the flour or root powder, little by little and mix it until it is smooth.
Make the smiley face by divide the dough into smaller smooth balls. Then, flat each ball so it turns to be a disc shape. Use the straw to make two eyes, and use the tip of the spoon to create a smile in its face.

Preheat the oven into 180c. Arrange the dough in the tray and bake it for 30 minutes. Arrange it nicely in the plate, and it is ready to serve!

Potato smiley has been so popular, either it is baked or fried. Without adding to mush ingredients, you can serve it for friends or family. But, serve it with the regular recipe may be boring, that is why all you need to do is to try the new combination that will challenge your taste buds.
India is known for its strong flavor, and yes, this time you can combine the Indian recipe named Cajun with your potato smiley. The ingredient is quite simple since you can find it in the regular store although it is named after the Indian recipe.

Cajun Spiced Potato Smiley: Meet the Eastern Combination

What am I Needed for Cajun Potato Smiley?
There are ingredients that you need other than potatoes. In this case, you can prepare your own potato smiley by bolied/ baked about five large potatoes or the widely sold frozen potato smiley. Then, prepare salt to taste and 1 teaspoon of red chili flakes. What makes this recipe different are the additional 2 teaspoons of mixed dried herbs, 1 teaspoon of paprika powder, and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Prepare oil because this food is deep-frying food.

Steps in Cooking Cajun Potato Smiley
If you use the frozen potato, fried it directly. If you ‘are not, mashed your cooked potatoes until it is smooth. Add a pinch of salt and mix it thoroughly. Shape  them into smaller balls and flatten it so it shapes lie a disc. Make the eyes by poking a straw on it, and use the tip of the spoon to make the smile. Freeze the dough for an hour, and deep fry it until the color is golden brown. Put it aside on the tissue to reduce the oil.

In a bowl, mix the other dry ingredients and stir it well. DO it quickly so that the fried potato smiley still nice and crispy. Mix the ingredients with the potato smiley until they are nicely coated. You can sprinkle it or mix it inside a zip bag and toss it aside. And, it is ready to serve!

There are many tempting food recipe over there, especially for the popular yet simple thing like potato smiley. However, by looking at the frozen pack sold in the market, you start to think about it over again. Especially when you want to make it for your kids, of course you want to make it healthier.  Here, we have some option to replace the ordinary recipe of potato smiley without reducing its tastiness. Ready, start, go!

Healthy Option for a Potato Smiley Recipe

The Replacement Ingredients for Potato Smiley
Since it is potato smiley, you cannot replace the potato unless with its family like sweet potato. Prepare two large potato. The stay-the-same ingredients are pinch of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder, and ½ teaspoon of garlic powder. If you use potato, not a sweet potato, you can add little turmeric powder.

Now, what to add or replace to make it healthier? First, never use frozen smiley potato, and make your own smiley potato since it is so easy. Second, no frying—we are going to bake it and the taste is still wonderful. When the original recipe use the cornstarch as the additional ingredient to the dough, you can replace it by adding 3 tablespoon of arrow root powderfor a healthier option. In addition to that, you can add chopped vegetables like carrot or broccoli to be mixed with the dough.

Steps to make a Healthy Potato Smiley
Mashed your potato until it is smooth. Then, start to add all the spices from salt, garlic powder, and turmeric powder. You can add the chili powder if you like it to be spicy. Next, add the chopped vegetables to the dough (make sure it is chopped very small to create a nice shape of potato smiley). Little by little add the arrow root powder, and mix them well.

While shaping the dough, preheat the oven into 200C. Shape the dough into smaller balls and flat it to shape a disc. Make the eyes using straw and the mouth using the tip of the spoon. Then, bake it for about 25 minutes until the color change into golden brown!

Potato smileyhas been a good yet simple dish to make. Most of the recipe make it to be fried, but not all of the people like to eat greasy food either it is for healthy reason of diet. Is there any other way to enjoy potato smiley? Yes, sure! We can bake it, make it crisp, but not too oily in the same time.
Thing to Prepare for Baked Potato Smiley

Not Fried, But Baked Potato Smiley: Dare to Try?

The ingredient to make potato smiley is pretty easy. As the main ingredients, prepare 3 large potatoes. For the spices, ½ table spoon of salt (masala, kosher, or any salt), prepare ½ table spoon of garlic powder, ½ table spoon of oregano, ½ table spoon of chilli powder. Also, prepare about 5 tablespoon of flour to make the potato into the dough. You can add or decrease the flour. Prepare some amount of grated cheese. Prepare also  straw and spoon.
Steps to Bake Your Potato Smiley

To start, wash the potatoes thoroughly. Peel the potatoes and wrap it with aluminum foil before put in inside the oven or microwave for some minutes. When the potatoes are ready, mashed them in the large bowl. Add the spices into the potatoes start with the salt and chilli powder. Then, add the garlic powder and the oregano in to it and continue to mix it well. Add the flour little by little, and lastly the cheese. When the dough is ready, let it rest by putting it in the fridge for about an hour.
Then, divide the dough into smaller portion by making them into smaller balls. Make sure that the balls are smooth before you flatten it into the disc shape. To make the face, use the straw to make holes for the eyes. Then, use the tip of the spoon to make a wide smile on the dough.

Preheat the oven to 180c. Prepare the dough on the tray and bake it for 25 mins until the color changes into golden brown.

Your kid starts to be a picky eater? They barely touch the main dish and craving for more sweets and unhealthy snacks. There is this one dish that can help you, parents! This is Potato Smiley! Made from potato which has enough carbohydrate, it can be paired with soup or veggie to make it healthier. So, let’s check out the recipe!

Potato Smiley Never Goes Wrong for Your Kid’s Snack

What You Need in Making PotatoSmiley?
The main ingredient to make potato smileyfor sure is the boiled potato as the ingredient. You can use one big potato or two/ three small potatoes. For the spices, prepare a pinch of salt (for taste), ½ tea spoon of pepper or chili powder, and 3 table spoon of corn flour. You may add 2 table spoon of grated cheese for more flavor. Also prepare oil, because it will be deep fried. For shaping the doung, prepare straw and spoon.

Some tips that might be useful: It takes longer time to boil or steam the potato, so you can also bake it in the oven or microwave. People can peel it before or after cooking. Make sure you wash it thoroughly if you don’t plan to peel it when you cook it.
Let’s Start Cooking Potato Smiley!

First of all, prepare all of your ingredient. Take out the peeled potatoes and grate it first. It will make you easier to mash it. Add a pinch of salt to the mashed potato. If you are a fan of spicy food, add the chili powder to it and mixed it thoroughly again. Add the corn flour and knead it. Add some cheese to it. Mix it until it is soft and well-mixed.

Divide the dough into smaller portion equally. Shape them into smaller balls, them make them flat into a disc shaped. Take the straw and make two holes to create the eyes. For the smiley face, use the tip of the spoon. Last, deep fry it in the pan, and tada…the smiley potato is ready to serve!

Potato smiley might be one of the most popular snack among snack-lovers. As it is known for its simple steps to make, this snack also has many variations in making it. You can either fry or bake it or you can be more creative in adding some specific ingredients like cheese. On this recipe, you are going to see steps in making potato smiley with coriander leaves. The first difference will clearly be seen from its appearance. Here are the ingredients and steps of the recipe.
Simple Potato Smiley with Coriander Leaves Recipe

Ingredients of Simple Potato Smiley with Coriander Leaves
Similar to other potato smiley recipe, the ingredients are basically the same. To make two dozens servings, you only need three large potatoes, ¼ cup coriander leaves, ½ tablespoon ginger garlic paste, ½ tablespoon pepper powder, ¼ tablespoon turmeric, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 4 tablespoons of cornflour. The last, you need salt as seasoning and oil to fry. In case if you don’t have coriander leaves, you may change it into chopped herbs or greens. If you are not into spicy food, you can skip pepper powder.

Steps in Making Simple Potato Smiley with Coriander Leaves
Again, the steps are similar to usual potato smiley. First thing you need to wash the potatoes and boil it in the water. Wait until it is tender. When it is cool, peel the potatoes. Put it in a bowl and mash it. Add all the ingredients like coriander leaves, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, pepper powder, cornflour, lemon juice, and salt as the seasoning. Fyi, the amount of cornflour is flexible, depends on the dough texture. Place it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

From the dough, make small balls with the same size and flatten it out. Using a straw, make two eyes and a spoon end to make the smile. Do the same for the rest of the dough. Heat the oil and put the smiley into it. Fry until it turns golden brown. Drain and serve with ketchup or sauce. Have a try.

Do you have many leftover potatoes at home? It is time to get creative. As this recipe only takes 1 hour 15 minute at most, you can make it even in your busy day. Potato smiley is its name. It sounds fun? So, how do exactly you need to prepare to make this smiley-shape snack for you and your family? Here are some information about it.

Crispy Potato Smiley Recipe

Ingredients of Crispy Potato Smiley
As the name suggests, potato is the main ingredient. When you make snacks by yourselves, it is surely healthy compared to similar snacks in stores. You don’t need a lot of potato since you can use leftover potatoes if you don’t have fresh ones. Two large potatoes are enough. You also need 4 to 5 tablespoons of cornflour, ½ to 1 tablespoon of pepper / red chili powder, a little turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and juice of half a lemon. Don’t forget to have salt to season the dough and oil to fry the potato smiley.

Steps of Making Crispy Potato Smiley
The first step to make this recipe is to boil all the potato until they are tender and peel the skin off. Next, put the potatoes into a big bowl and mash it with potato masher. Add some cornflour and mix it by using spoon. Make sure the potato and the cornflour mix well. When it is done, add ginger garlic paste, some salt, and red chili powder or pepper powder. The amount of the last three ingredients are based on your preference. If you and your family don’t like chili, you can skip it.
Then, add juice of half a lemon and turmeric powder. Again, mix it well with other ingredients and make it into a tender dough. Put it into fridge for 30 minutes. From the dough, make a spoonful-size of ball and flatten it later. Do the same for the rest of the dough. It is better to have the same or similar thickness.

Use a straw or a clean pencil back end, make two eyes. Also, use a spoon end to make smiley face. Heat the oil and fry the potato smiley until it is crisp. Take a kitchen paper towel on a plate and drain the smiley potato on it. At last, your crispy potato smiley can be served with sauce or ketchup.

You might hear potato smiley often as it is a popular fried snack which never goes wrong to be consumed at any times. Yet, have you ever tried a healthy version of this snack? Yes, healthy means it is not being fried, but it is being baked. Interesting, isn’t it? So, how to make it and does it have different ingredients with the usual potato smileys you eat? How about the taste? Let’s try to make it and you will be guilt-free when you eat it.
Healthy Baked Potato Smiley

Ingredients of Baked Potato Smiley
It is still the same potato smiley we all have known so potatoes are still the main ingredient here. Do it with 500g mashed potato. Other ingredients you need to have are 2 tablespoons of cornflour, ½ tablespoon of oregano, 1 egg, 50g breadcrumbs, and salt and pepper to taste. To make it even tastier, you can add 50g cheddar cheese, grated. Right, it is a healthy version of potato smileys so you might keep the oil for this time.

Steps in Making Healthy Baked Potato Smiley
The first thing you need to do is preheat the oven to 180c. While waiting, mix some ingredients like mashed potato, cornflour, oregano, salt, pepper, and cheese to a bowl. Cool it down for half an hour in the fridge.

30 minutes has passed. It is time to take the potato dough out of the fridge and make it into small equal balls. Then, flatten each ball into a round shape. Make sure you have same or similar thickness. Place it on the baking sheet and brush each with egg you have prepared before. Sprinkle it with breadcrumbs. You have to do it to the other side, too.

Make a smiley face by using a straw to have two eyes and the end of a spoon to make a smile. Bake it for about 25-30 minutes until it becomes golden brown. Take it out from the oven and voilaa.. Healthy baked potato smiley will definitely make you smile.


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